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Both my children suffer from this and at times it has been so bad that there has been some sleepless nights. I found this interesting article in the Jamaica Observer:

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Ok after two kids both of which are now under age 4 I have tried every diaper on the Jamaican market trying to find one that was affordable and came as close to Huggies as possible without the price tag because as we all now no matter how its spun Huggies is the best. So I looked at how they match up to what they claim and also to see if I could cut cost by finding a diaper brand that wasn’t so heavy on the pocket yet still good. My basic way of testing them was to see which one was most absorbent and thus lasted longer thus giving me value for money. So here goes:

1. Huggies is still the best. None can compare. Expensive but worth the expense.

2. Surprisingly I discovered this  a week ago. VIP. Wow this diaper is J$686 for 30 and trust me its very absorbent. I was so so surprised.

3. Tried Pampers and was so disappointed. It’s a little cheaper than Huggies but not worth the price tag at all.

4. Lasco diapers were not bad at all.  For the price its not bad.

All other diapers like Cheekies etc. were ridiculous. These diapers had to me changing diapers like within 2 hours. They are a waste of money. Again this is my opinion.

This week I am trying a brand  named Lullabye I will give you the feedback. In the meantime I am now attempting potty training for baby number 2. Mind you baby 1 one was a big challenge.

OK I have not written a line in months. Why??? Raising two kids is hectic and running a business on top of it will just kill you. People don’t tell you of this. I am tired all the time and there is a serious lack of sleep.

Despite this we are all doing well and I have to give thanks for the good health of my children thus far. I am making a promise to write more often.

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Summer is here and schools are on summer break so what do you do with those kids??? There are a number of summer programs that are available. Below is a list of some:

1. All schools have summer programs. So you can check out the program at your school to see if it suits your needs.

2. Edna Manley does have a wide variety of programs available from 4 years old and up. Its hard not to find one that will suit you. Based on experience though, pick up in the afternoons can take a while as there is one way in one way out. So if you are leaving work to pick up to get back to work be prepared.

3. The YMCA’s usually offer some swimming programs in the Summer

4.  Ballaz International: Have summer programs as well as Football- Player Development Saturday Morning Programmes; 876-527-2255;

5. Kids & Teen Photography Day Camp – The summer school is tailored for photography enthusiast or just pre-teen and teens who love to take pics but want the pics to look great.  It will involve lessons on learning the camera and all its controls,  exposures, framing or composition etc. Lots of exciting lessons, lots of shoots and portfolio building and some outdoor field trips excursions. It will be from July 2-20 Mon-Thursdays 9-1 at Calling The Shots studio at 2 Grove Manor Mews. Its $6000 per week. Our number is 876-8683131for more information.

6.  Check this link for a list of summer programs available in Jamaica

I had all intentions of breast-feeding. I bought my breast pump, storage bottles and researched the best things to eat while breast-feeding. I had decided to breast feed long this time than with my first son. His breast-feeding was interrupted in the third month because of a dental emergency. After 10 days he wouldn’t take the breast again.

This time around however because of all the medical complications it just wasn’t happening despite my efforts. So formula it is.  But I can tell you with a newborn if you are not a confident as a mother you would go crazy as everyone as some piece of advice or criticism. With bottle feeding you can see the look of horror and judgement on other mothers faces when they see you pull out a bottle. They have no idea as to your circumstances but they immediately judge that you are a bad mother or trying to be fashionable etc by bottle feeding. It’s not nice at all. You get it at the doctor’s office and wherever you go.

Bottle feeding and finding the right formula for your baby is trial and error. Yes you may have to throw away or if you are lucky like me with three friends with new babies give away formulas that don’t work. Its an expensive process. Dr’s recommend anything Enfamil and for me the first time it did not work and my son went on Lasco Soy and because its not a brand name people look down on it. But my son is healthy and doing well. So this time around after starting with the Enfamil as my son was premature etc. I went with what was recommended. After weeks of griping and hours of dealing with a screaming baby each night and stomach issues seven weeks in I am now on Lasco Soy. Stomach issues and griping gone.

Well the Lasco Soy isn’t as cheap as it was when I had my son but its cheaper than the Enfamil and it has now allowed my son to sleep longer and me in turn.

Also ours grandmother used to boil the bottles in a pot and they think its absurd this thing call a sterilizer. Let me tell you its the best thing since slice bread. I used it with my son before and  nothing happened to him and will continue this time around. Older person will think you are lazy and that the bottles aren’t being cleaned enough. Trust me as long as you follow the instructions for your sterilizer it is. I use Avent everything, as I trust Avent as I used it before.

All in all trust your instincts, do your research and do what suits you best.

It has been a while since I have logged in to write. Reason being I had a very difficult pregnancy and a near death delivery. I have come away with three

life lessons:

1. Trust your instincts

2. Know your body and never be afraid to call your OB over something that others think is trivial

3. Trust in the creator or God whoever he may be to you as when all things fail he will see you through

My pregnancy from the beginning was painful. But my doctor sent me to do a ultra sound which showed nothing. I had done a previous  c section so they thought the  pain from that was due to that c section cut.  But in my mind I knew something was wrong. I kept feeling this pain in my left side that as time went along got worse. Still no explanation after two ultra sounds. So I thought maybe I am just overreacting. But I noticed signs along the way that everything was not ok.

Based on past experience and what was happening I registered at UWI just in case something went wrong I had an option. Let me tell you the hours spent waiting to see on OB on your app.t day was crazy. I would have a 3pm appt and had to go at 12pm just ensure I saw the doc early to get back home in time to pick up my son from school. After three appts. and less than satisfactory care and concern I gave up and returned to my private doctor who answered my every call and concern during the entire process even though I was registered elsewhere. Let me tell you that was the single most best decision I ever made as it was life saving.

36 Weeks on from the night before I started having pains I waited a while but by the next morning I knew something was wrong and rushed to the hospital. Long and short I had my son via c section but then found out during surgery what the issue was, placenta accreta which led to further complications and an additional surgery and time spent in intensive care and after many efforts the docs telling me they had done all they could do, there is nothing more that can be done. But thanks to my doc he tried everything and thanks to alot of prayers I am alive to tell the tale.

I seriously want to say a big thank you to all the nurses on the maternity ward at Andrews Memorial. In the last moments when everyone thought the end was near she held my hand and prayed with me, I just felt a calm come over me. Also to Dr. Walcott my OB and Dr Murray my anesthesiologist and Pediatrician Dr. Miller for taking care of my son all the days he spent in the hospital and to all the assistant surgeons and to my 2 ICQ nurses . They stuck with me to the end and back. Spending countless hours at the hospital with me through the days. I would never be here without them.

I am happy to say my 5 pound baby boy is now 10 pounds at 7 weeks.

Below are some pics of the joys of my life:


My son at the hospital waiting on during one hospital visit. He was such a trooper

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